1.)What inspired you and your team to take Artemis Crock who was pretty much a villain in the comics and revamp her to being a hero and pretty much filling Arrowette’s place on The Team?
2.)How did you come up with the idea of making Chesire her sister, in this canon since she wasn’t in the comics?
3.)At what age did Sportsmaster start training her daughters?
4.)You can just respond yes or no to this question, but was there a specific incident that caused Artemis to NOT want to follow in her families villainous footsteps and walk a more heroic path?

Greg responds…

1. We liked her parentage and the opportunities that presented in terms of her having secrets to keep and lies to tell.

2. Seemed to fit. Cheshire - in the comics - has always been trying to figure out who her father was. Why not Sportsmaster? And again, it created a very interesting relationship and dynamic between her and Artemis. Plus we knew we wanted to add ethnic diversity to the Team, so by folding the Eurasian Cheshire into the family, it made it natural to make Artemis half-Vietnamese, half-Caucasian, as well.

3. Probably from birth.

4. Yes and no.